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HempleBox – The Monthly CBD Subscription Box

Would you like a new CBD package that is fully customizable, allowing you to get the products you need delivered to your door on a monthly basis? If so, look no further than HempleBox, a revolutionary company making CBD more accessible than ever before.

There’s so much choice nowadays – at times it can seem as if there’s too much! That’s why HempleBox aims to make things as easy as possible. We offer tailored CBD plans according to your interests, introducing you to a range of products with our stress-free approach.

How does it work?

It really couldn’t be simpler. When starting out, you just specify the types of CBD products that you’d like to find in your box (e-liquids, edibles, flavorings, etc.). Upon stating your preferences, you can then pick from four different box sizes:

  • Lite, 1-3 items ($29.99 a month)
  • Standard, 2-4 items ($49.99 a month)
  • Premium, 4-6 items ($99.99 a month)
  • Deluxe, 6-9 items ($149.99 a month)

The smaller boxes concentrate on sending just your favorite CBD products, whereas the Premium and Deluxe selections introduce you to new HempleBox stock as well.

Tried and tested

While it’s nice to have some mystery on what exact products you’ll be receiving, know that everything sold via HempleBox can be found at

We know that having consistent success with CBD is vital, which is why we do everything to ensure complete consumer satisfaction. Only the best is stocked at – we’ve done the hard graft, sifting through the ever-growing number of CBD brands so that you can zone straight in on high quality and authentic products.

HempleBox products

HempleBox sells seven types of CBD products: e-liquids, tinctures, edibles, concentrates, capsules, syrup and cream. Let’s take a closer look at each and discover which could be most beneficial for you and why.


E-liquids are the most well-known way of getting CBD into your system thanks to the explosion of vaping in recent times. This method is perfect thanks to the array of e-liquids on the market, enabling you to select the best dosage for you – and you can get some really strong ones!

The effects are fast-acting, and will be fully felt within just a few minutes from taking your first hit. Hence, the rapid response is popular with those who find themselves coping with sharp onsets of both physical and mental pain.

The other awesome thing about e-liquids and vaping is that you can nearly always mix them with your other favorite e-liquids for an all-in-one effect. And there are plenty of tasty flavors out there!


Another really common form of CBD treatment, tinctures are loved for their simplicity. Tinctures are really affordable and come in various strengths.

The pipette that comes with the bottle makes it easy to perfect your dosage and experiment, and as you only need to drip the CBD solution under your tongue, it’s a really convenient method.

Not everybody likes the unflavored tinctures with their hempy, earthy taste – but worry not! There are a number of flavors that you can get your hands on!


Edibles are ideal if you’re seeking a discreet slow release that lasts for several hours. Available in many forms (such as gummies and lollipops) edibles are surely the most fun part of the CBD world.

The slow-release is great for those wanting an all-day effect or an agent to help them drift off to sleep in the evenings. Niggling, ever-present pains and insomnia can be treated efficiently with CBD edibles.

Perfect if you’re in public places or with others regularly, edibles allow you to get your medication anytime, anywhere, without hassle.


Concentrates serve more of a niche market but can be enjoyed by everybody! As the name hints at, these CBD products contain the highest concentrations of CBD, and are most suitable for people who want to administer large doses as quickly as they can.

We recommend that you assess beforehand whether you need concentrates as part of your plan, but if you do then you’re going to love what we have on offer! Our hemp-based products have some super-high CBD concentrations to deliver what you need consistently. If nothing has worked well enough for you before, then be sure to give these a try!


CBD capsules are the closest CBD experience that you’ll get to taking a pill – for that reason alone, our customers love them. The best bit about capsules is you know just how much CBD you’re taking in, to the milligram!

Moreover, as you aren’t ingesting by taking capsules, this method is as safe as it gets and a suitable way for everybody to take CBD. There are no side effects associated with capsules and since they come in low and high dosages, they really can work for everybody.


Want to spice up your CBD treatment? CBD syrup may be just what your mind is calling for. This hemp-based syrup is great to mix into your favorite beverages, whether it’s a fizzy drink, a strong morning coffee to wake you up, or your evening cocoa to help send you to sleep!

The possibilities are endless with CBD syrup, and it works well with all complaints. So if you have biting pain, painful inflammation or sharp bouts of anxiety, you may be in luck with our syrup.


Looking for a softer approach and don’t want to ingest CBD into your system? That’s perfectly fine – you can use a CBD cream instead! These are brilliant for your skin generally and you simply just have to apply them to the affected area, and the CBD will quickly be absorbed into your body. As with all CBD products, the cream is sold in multiple strengths.

CBD cream can also be used to treat a variety of skin complaints, making it an all-round treatment and appealing to those who may have otherwise not considered CBD.

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