HempleBox: our CBD subscription box service 

Get a monthly box of fantastic CBD products delivered to your door. Our HempleBox plans start at $49.99 a month, and are tailored to your preferences. 

We have an extensive range of CBD e-liquid, edibles, concentrates, topicals and more, made from legal, lab-tested hemp. 

How to select the best CBD subscription box 

Tell us your preferences 

The first thing you need to do is click on the ‘Create My Box’ tab. Here, you can choose from all your favorite CBD products, such as e-liquids, tinctures, edibles, concentrates, capsules, vape pens and creams. Select only the products that you want. Then we’ll know what to include in your box, and which products to avoid! 

Fine-tune your subscription

Next, pick a box size. Occasional CBD users may be satisfied with our Lite subscription service, available at just $49.99 per month. More regular consumers should consider our ‘Standard’ and ‘Premium’ packages, sold at $99.99 and $149.99 per month. For very frequent users, the ‘Deluxe’ box is perfect at $249.99 per month. 

Review your products

Reviewing the products in your CBD box helps us to improve what we send you in the future. If we know exactly what you like and don’t like, our team has even more information to enhance your HempleBox experience. 

Why you should buy CBD in a subscription box 

Purchasing CBD as part of a subscription box service, rather than buying products separately, offers multiple benefits. Firstly, it works out cheaper in the long run to buy CBD in this way. With our fantastic subscription offers, it makes sense to buy the bigger packages. The bigger the box, the greater your saving on the manufacturer’s suggested retail price (MRSP)! 

Secondly, it avoids the stress of having to regularly place new orders – you’ll never be without CBD when it’s delivered often, and straight to your door. Thirdly, with a subscription box, you have the chance to sample different types of CBD. With our bundles, we’ll introduce you to all kinds of CBD products in our range. You may find a new favorite that you’d previously never heard of! Monthly subscription boxes are a great way to learn more about what CBD has to offer, without spending a fortune.

Why subscribe for a CBD subscription box?

Signing up for a CBD oil box is a really cost-effective way of purchasing CBD. If you enjoy these products often, getting a box delivered straight to your door saves both time and money. We give you full control over what products you want to receive, and let you make changes at any point. It’s our priority to make sure you’re delighted with the variety of CBD we send you, from high quality CBD brands. These include Koi CBD, CBDfx and our very own CBD Genesis. 

After deciding on a CBD vape subscription box, we’ll confirm with you what products you can expect to receive. Then just go ahead, fill out your billing details and subscribe! We’ll also give you the exact date that your subscription will renew, when you checkout. 

What’s inside a HempleBox? 

Here’s a look at what you could get, when you sign up to HempleBox. 

E-Liquid: We offer a range of CBD-isolate and full-spectrum CBD vape juices. These are great for when you need an instant hit of CBD. 

Tinctures: Tincture oils are a fast-acting CBD product. Designed primarily to be taken under the tongue, tinctures are a classic, and ever-popular form of CBD. 

Edibles: Make your CBD experience a little tastier with edibles. Not only are our candies delicious, but they provide longer lasting CBD effects, too. 

Concentrates: Concentrates are the strongest type of CBD, delivering high doses in just seconds. Great for when you need more potent relief.

Capsules: Enjoy the benefits of CBD in discrete fashion with our CBD capsules. With these, you know exactly how much CBD you’re taking – and there’s no smell! 

Vape pens: Disposable pens are ideal if you love the effects of CBD vaping, but aren’t so keen on the maintenance aspect. With a vape pen, you can just pick up and inhale. 

Creams: Skin-based CBD products are growing in popularity, and would make a super addition for your CBD subscription box. Creams are brilliant for pain management, reducing inflammation and tackling skin complaints. 

No reordering necessary! 

Once you have set up a CBD oil subscription box service, we’ll take care of the rest! There’s no need to contact us about reordering. You’ll only need to get in touch if you want to change your subscription. 

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Got any questions? We invite you to contact us with queries, but we may have answered your question here! 

Which HempleBox is right for me? 

Every CBD user has their own requirements. The beauty of HempleBox is that we can meet your needs. A good starting point is to consider how much you spend on CBD per month, and match that cost up with the stated MSRP price for each of our boxes. For example, if your monthly spend on CBD products is around $200, that puts you in line for a ‘Premium’ Box. The products in a Premium box retail at $214 in total, but we offer them to you at just $149.99! 

Can I upgrade my box?

Yes! Contact us at any time if you wish to make changes to your CBD subscription box. We’ll be more than happy to help you with upgrades, and if you want to make any tweaks to the products we send you. The HempleBox service is designed to work for you, and is improved with your input! 

Can I cancel my subscription?

Yes. We’ll be sad to see you go, but the cancellation process is easy and hassle-free. There’s no long-term commitment when you sign up for a box, and you can cancel at anytime. 

How fast do we ship your order?

We ship your box on the same day that you order! 

Is my data secure at HempleBox?

Yes. We recognize the importance of data privacy. That’s why we don’t store any sensitive payment details on our servers. The only data we keep is on your order preferences. Our bank stores your payment and billing details.